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Medical Weight Loss


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LifeMed Institute Has the Missing Piece to Your Weight Loss Puzzle!



Millions of Americans battle with weight loss every day! LifeMed Institute is dedicated to helping our patients win this battle offering several medical weight loss programs helping hundreds of our patients lose weight.


What is medical weight loss?


Based on medical and scientific evidence physicians can target the root causes of obesity and weight gain to achieve and sustain long-term weight loss. Working with a doctor to help you manage your weight is very different from “commercial” programs. With a medical weight loss program a physician can prescribe medications to help ensure your success. Additionally, if you have a condition that requires medication this can be prescribed or if you are on one that may be interfering with your weight loss, a physician can see if other options are available.

Does a patient have to be “obese” to benefit from medical weight loss?



No, medical weight loss is something anyone can benefit from (barring contraindicated medical conditions). Whether a patient has 100 pounds or more to lose or just needs to get those last few pounds off a medical weight loss program can help!

What support is offered to medical weight loss patients?



Weight loss of any kind takes dedication, emotional fortitude and consistency; all of which are much easier with support! Here at LifeMed Institute, we make sure you have that help. Patients are assigned a point of contact available via phone and email to answer your questions or just help you through a difficult day. Patients will also meet with this person at designated times to have their progress checked (weight, measurements and body fat percentage); this schedule will range from weekly to bi-weekly depending on the program prescribed. In addition, the physician will be available for follow-up appointments.

Could Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Work for You? Take our hormone test and find out how you score.



I didn’t gain the “Freshman Five” I gained the “Freshman Forty”! My freshman year of med school was chaotic all I was doing was studying and working my part time job. Sleep was something of the past.Kristine C. Age 26; Rockville, MD


Losing weight and keeping it off became so frustrating for me I finally gave up and by accepting that defeat I allowed myself to balloon to 216 pounds and I was wearing a size 20! After having tried programs that depended on shakes and barsChelsea T; Age 36; Essex, MD


I have spent my lifetime being overweight; feeling the pains of how society treats people with weight issues.Mike B; Age 39 from Maryland


After 29 years of marriage and 3 kids in college we thought we had lost our passion for each other. We tried weekend escapes, spending night’s apart and even marriage counseling.Sarah H.; Age 47; Timonium, MD

Could Hormone Therapy Work for You?

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